[Talk-GB] UK counties

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Tue Apr 20 14:39:06 BST 2010

Andy Mabbett <andy at ...> writes:

>>I think in some places there are relations for both admin boundary
>>and ceremonial county, if that is the same as traditional.

I believe that ceremonial counties are defined by recent Act of Parliament,
and are not the same as the traditional ones.  For example there is a ceremonial
county of Greater London, while historically this area was part of
Kent, Essex, Surrey, Middlesex, or the City of London.

Perhaps the ABC <http://www.abcounties.co.uk/> would be able to supply traditional
county boundaries in a form suitable for importing or tracing.

Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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