[Talk-GB] Workington Bridges

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Apr 21 13:28:04 BST 2010

>We had a discussion about this point during the Kidderminster mapping 
>on Saturday. Our decision (relating to the Black Country in our case) was
>that we would use OS OpenData StreetView, especially in partly mapped 
>but we would record some info on the wiki for each area covered so that 
>know which locations (slices of the cake) need still to have a ground
>survey. It also permits a local mapper to bag a spot for ground surveying 
>they would prefer to work with a blank canvas. I'd encourage mappers who 
>tempted to map "off-piste" to document what they are doing on an 
>wiki page for the area in question. That at least informs others that 
>along later.

It's an interesting point about OS. There's a mapping party in Andover 
(Hants) in a few weeks and my own feeling is that it would be more "fun" 
to do on the ground surveying at a pre-arranged party rather than just 
copying from OS Street View. I suppose for pure "getting the mapping done" 
one should use OS but my own preference is just to use it to check whether 
GPS trace artefacts were artefacts(e.g. a kink in a street I surveyed at 
Haslemere last week) and to check for blank streets - particularly as one 
cannot guarantee the accuracy of the OS data anyway.


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