[Talk-GB] Historic data (was OS Boundaries)

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Apr 25 16:40:17 BST 2010

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David Dixon wrote:
> I fully support having a repository of digitised historic mapping data,
> as it would be very useful for many applications included your
> genealogical one.  However, I'm not convinced that the main
> OpenStreetMap database is the best place for it.  As others have said,
> the database is getting increasingly full with current data and adding
> all significant mapping features through time will only serve as clutter
> to the majority of users/mappers, who just want to, say, get from A to B
> (or map A and B).  Let's get the*current*  map up to scratch first!
> This sounds like an ideal candidate for a parallel project?  Just my
> opinion, of course.

On one hand that does make sense, but it has already been ruled out as 
impractical where other 'parallel' requirements are deemed good ideas.

Think about it practically. While OBJECTS that are time expired could be moved 
to a parallel database, ALL of the existing objects require at least a 
start_date, and managing that data on a parallel database does not make sense. 
The parallel database would require a completely synced copy of the main data 
and then how does one mirror changes made to the 'historic' copy when in fact it 
is the 'current' version that is being changed?

This data needs to be transparently available in a single database.

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