[Talk-GB] Matching OS Locator with OSM data

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Wed Apr 28 22:05:57 BST 2010

Tim François wrote:
> I've noticed that sometimes there are discrepancies even between OS 
> data. For example, there is a VAN DIEMENS LANE here in Bath. Here are 
> three sources of names:
> OS StreetView name: VAN DIEMENS LANE
> OS Locator name: VAN DIEMEN'S LANE
> So the OS Locator data adds an apostrophe, whereas StreetView leaves 
> it off!
> Slightly related:
> 1) I assume that to check these discrepancies we take the street name 
> from the sign actually on the street as being the ultimate source?
> 2) What's the standard on St? As in saint? Should there be a period 
> after, or not? Or is this answered by my first question?
I think the name plate on the street is what I would generally use, but 
I have seen a few instances where the name at one end of a street 
doesn't match the other end. (e,g, Tweendykes Road and Tween Dykes Road) 
I have also come across a street where two name boards faced each other 
across the street with slightly different names. I used the name on the 
newer looking name board.

We expand the street names (Main St. becomes Main Street in OSM), so we 
don't use the exact displayed name.

It would be easy to get anal about this.

Cheers, Chris

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