[Talk-GB] VectorMap District oddities

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Thu Apr 29 13:07:11 BST 2010

I've just opened the VectorMap District from OS for my local area. I 
loaded the Road-Line and was dismayed to see substantial developments in 
the area build over the last 10 years were missing. I then loaded the 
Settlement_Area and the new developments appeared with the spaces for 
the roads. Private roads are similarly are missing from the Road_Lines.

A new residential road, finished a year ago is on the Road_Line and 

Looking more closely at the Settlement_Area it is a poor representation 
of buildings and/or gardens. There are holes in some places where there 
are gardens, but in others the area of gardens is filled in. It doesn't 
seem related to the size of the garden or house. The large blocks are 
labelled as 'building' when it is actually a large number of separate 
buildings. The detailed shape of any buildings is completely obscured.

The woodlands and water in NaturalFeatures-Area seem much better, with 
very small areas shown and they seem accurate too.

This seems inconsistent at best, though I have only examined a small 
area of one OS square.

Cheers, Chris

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