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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Dec 11 07:13:29 GMT 2010

Chris Hill wrote:
> A new national Address list is to be created for England & Wales.
> http://www.communities.gov.uk/news/newsroom/1786564

While the postcode location data has now been released, 'addresses' based on 
postcode is still licensed by Royal Mail and I think it is quite right that THEY 
are allowed to manage the 'PAF' (Postal Address File) which lists all of the 
locations they recognise to deliver to. The National Street Gazetteer is the 
basis for National Address Gazetteer or I think more accurately the National 
Land and Property Gazetteer. These cover 'addresses' in a different way so that 
all land can be identified and the reference to 'emergency services' is 
important here since in rural areas 'postcode' is not always even able to 
identify a building on fire if it has no postal existence.

Bottom line ... I think there is a 'gap' in the datasets that are being created 
which we can hopefully fill using the osm database. That is returning postcodes 
for addresses in a search. The one thing that I think 'free the postcode' failed 
on was not collecting the street name along with the location.

The question is, should we be adding postcode tags to existing street ways, or 
simply building a searchable database of street names to go with the existing 
geolocation table from OS? I am already building my own database, but a central 
facility would seem appropriate.

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