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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Dec 11 14:59:45 GMT 2010

Bob Kerr wrote:
> Any thoughts on creating our own international postcode based on the
> short code used in OSM.

Well an archive of international postcodes has been something I have been 
playing with for some years
http://lsces.co.uk/ibWebAdmin_1_0/FirebirdFederationDataArchive.html is all open 
source data ...

>     Chris Hill wrote:
>      > A new national Address list is to be created for England & Wales.
>      >
>      > http://www.communities.gov.uk/news/newsroom/1786564
>     While the postcode location data has now been released, 'addresses'
>     based on postcode is still licensed by Royal Mail and I think it is
>     quite right that THEY are allowed to manage the 'PAF' (Postal
>     Address File) which lists all of the locations they recognise to
>     deliver to. The National Street Gazetteer is the basis for National
>     Address Gazetteer or I think more accurately the National Land and
>     Property Gazetteer. These cover 'addresses' in a different way so
>     that all land can be identified and the reference to 'emergency
>     services' is important here since in rural areas 'postcode' is not
>     always even able to identify a building on fire if it has no postal
>     existence.
>     Bottom line ... I think there is a 'gap' in the datasets that are
>     being created which we can hopefully fill using the osm database.
>     That is returning postcodes for addresses in a search. The one thing
>     that I think 'free the postcode' failed on was not collecting the
>     street name along with the location.
>     The question is, should we be adding postcode tags to existing
>     street ways, or simply building a searchable database of street
>     names to go with the existing geolocation table from OS? I am
>     already building my own database, but a central facility would seem
>     appropriate.
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