[Talk-GB] A495 add tag 'bicycle=yes'?

brenda cameron RGNH68 at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 1 21:38:21 GMT 2010

Having confirmed that the A495 is correctly tagged as 'trunk' I propose
adding another tag, 'bicycle=yes'.

The reason involves openmtbmap and perhaps other bicycle oriented maps. It
currently blocks all trunk roads to autorouting, while allowing primary
roads. The author has indicated that he will include trunk roads if
"tagged bicycle=yes and motorroad=yes is not present. I will not do this
for highway=motorway."
(ref http://openmtbmap.org/about/autorouting/#comments)

Can anyone think of any potential problems/conflicts etc that I should
know about before I go ahead and add the tag?

Thanks, Angus

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