[Talk-GB] Kent County Council Highways Gazetteer

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sun Jan 3 11:51:32 GMT 2010

On 03/01/2010 11:36, Colin Smale wrote:
> While searching the internet for arbitration in a case where "local
> wisdom" appeared to conflict with OSM data I came across the Kent County
> Council Highways Gazetteer. It contains a "complete" list of roads in
> Kent, including their reference, road number, name, official
> classification, parish and length.
> It's a PDF file, linked from here:
> http://www.kent.gov.uk/roads_and_transport/transport_policies/road_status/adopted_and_private_streets.aspx
> I would like to use this document to classify minor roads correctly as
> "unclassified" or "tertiary", add the official road number, at least to
> the "tertiary" roads, i.e. C-roads, and possibly "access=permissive"
> where the road is a privately maintained road (assuming unhindered
> access etc. as described on the Wiki).
> There is no sign of any OS-encumbrances; there is no real location
> information in the file. The KCC (together with district councils I
> assume) can be considered a fairly authoritative source for this
> information.
> Would it be OK to derive tagging in this way? Should we get explicit
> permission from KCC first? Anyone got any experience with this, or
> example emails for this kind of request?

 From the About Us section of that site:
Unless otherwise stated all materials, computer programs, pictures, 
audio, video, artistic music and literary works featured on the Website 
or viewable by means of the Website, and the selection or arrangement 
thereof, is copyright of KCC (Copyright Protected Material). Permission 
is granted to reproduce Copyright Protected Material in any format or 
media, provided:

     * it is solely used for private or educational use;
     * it is reproduced accurately and no changes are made to the material;
     * it is not used in a derogatory or misleading context; and
     * KCC is acknowledged as the owner.

The permission to reproduce the Copyright Protected Material does not 
extend to:

     * copyright works which are identified as being the copyright of a 
third party;
     * audio and/or video conveyed in any Webcast viewable via the Website;
     * the coat of arms of KCC; or
     * commercial purposes without the express written permission of KCC.

Should you require permission for the above, please contact the owner of 
the site/page (as stated at the bottom of the relevant page) or, in 
absence of this information, the Online Communications Officer (see 
below for details).

OSM is not "solely ... for private or educational use".

That's not to say they wouldn't say yes if asked, but their default 
position is that it is not allowed. Make sure you make it clear that the 
ccbysa license requires us to make the data available to anyone who 
wants it afterwards, so they understand that a "yes" means they are 
effectively making that particular data available freely to anyone for 
any purpose.


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