[Talk-GB] More OS o-o-c sheets released

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Jan 7 20:28:06 GMT 2010

Robert wrote:

> Hmm. "OS 1:25" and "OOC OS 1_25k" don't really have a good
> common searchable substring. OS*25 is the best you can do.

While I appreciate it is only a wiki and is likely to be revised by
people who have different opinions, 

"Potlatch uses "source=OS 1:25k". It would be good for all users to
try and follow this for consistency."
which would indeed give a better common searchable term.

Personally I search for source= tags to see what might need checking
(and don't understand why people say source=GPS* - just make your
traces public/identifiable and we can see that they are gps based).
Most around here are variations on source=NPE as we aren't lucky
enough to have OOC 1:25k to help us.


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