[Talk-GB] Cornwall Progress

Guy Collins gugym at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 8 14:21:30 GMT 2010

Thanks to Peter Reed for recognising my efforts in Cornwall over the last few months. I have been making a concerted effort to capture all roads from NPE mapping
that are unlikely to have changed. It was an aim to change the colour from red to green so mission accomplished! Unfortunately the main towns in Cornwall are
very poor still but I feel that by putting in the rural road structures this will be a catalyst to people who may give the map more acceptance if the coverage is 
slightly better than it was. There is still lots to do there but most needs to be ground work now. I may well have missed lanes off serving farms or around more 
recent road developments (where the NPE roads will most likely have changed).

Peter Reed wrote:
>>  OSM Coverage By Local Authority

...there is improved coverage all over the place. The biggest increase in
coverage is in Cornwall, which has moved  from less than 50% coverage to
more than 80%.


As a model to improve coverage in counties I feel my approach offers benefits - this was a relatively big 
change to coverage from existing NPE mapping in an area where the rural roads do not alter much over time. The
exception being in rapidly developing areas or where new roads alter rural road courses. The latter is easy to 
pickup on as OSM tended to have main road coverage in Cornwall. I did have to change several mis-classified roads
during my mapping as they were incorrect so the work also, I hope, improves the quality of the information.



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