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Peter Reed peter.reed at aligre.co.uk
Sun Jan 10 16:23:49 GMT 2010

Thanks to both Andrew (wynndale) and Guy Colling for their comments on the
analysis of OSM coverage. There has certainly been a noticeable improvement
to Cornwall, and I am glad that I could help to highlight it.


On the situation in Ireland, I am only transferring GB content to my
database at the moment. The plans I had to include Ireland are unlikely to
come to fruition any time soon. So if anyone else does have the time to have
a crack at it, I for one would be delighted, and I'd be happy to help if I


I see that at least some of the admin boundaries for the republic are
already plotted. Assuming they are complete, that would allow county level
analysis in the south against the published data. I can't see local
authority boundaries on OSM for the north, and they would be required to do
analysis at local authority level. Alternatively (or in the meantime) the
stats at authority level can probably be consolidated to fit NUTs boundaries
- which are available from the EU. That's how I did Scotland and the gaps in
Wales where boundaries are incomplete.







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