[Talk-GB] Verifying Restrictions edits are correct

Molescott waywalker at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 11 14:04:50 GMT 2010


As well as new mapping I'm trying to add to others' existing work where I
know there are Restrictions, such as no right turns, limited access, etc.

I have been using Cloudmade's directions/routing facility to test my first
effort but even after a few weeks from my edit, I can still make a banned
turn at the edited junction.
I'm unsure as to whether Cloudmade's caught up with the edit or whether I
bungled editing the Restriction?

Is there a relatively simple way of checking this sort of thing? 

I prefer Potlatch but can generally use JOSM if I have to but even after
downloading and trying to use the router plug in's, I haven't progressed any

Best Wishes from Pete
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