[Talk-GB] Landuse or natural wood?

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Tue Jan 12 19:04:51 GMT 2010


I was told many years ago that there was no such thing as a natural wood 
in the UK.
All areas of trees have, in some way been manipulated by man. Such as 
planting, deforestation, pruning, & being used to make garden furniture 
for the middle classes.

I think that all woods should be tagged with landuse=

Disappointingly, I think many have been tagged as natural= because they 
appear green within Potlatch (as apposed to grey) & appear in some 
renderings whereas landuse= doesn't (Cyclemap for instance).

One person on these forums said it should be natural=, because a tree is 
natural. However, to me that's just plain silly.

Opinions welcomed.

Dave F.

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