[Talk-GB] OS 1:25000 out of copyright maps and WMS url

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Jan 13 15:10:43 GMT 2010

On 13/01/10 15:03, Bob Hawkins wrote:

> I have been following the progress of the availability of OS 1:25000 out
> of copyright maps for use with OSM with interest. I can see coverage of
> Maidenhead, for example, at
> http://ooc.openstreetmap.org/?zoom=15&lat=54.77184&lon=-1.57483&layers=00B0
> <http://ooc.openstreetmap.org/?zoom=15&lat=54.77184&lon=-1.57483&layers=00B0>
> . I read Andy Robinson's Talk-GB contribution of October 6th where he
> writes, "The first full sheet (NX88 NW or Dumfries [2]) is available for
> you to try out in JOSM [3]. Just add the URL as a custom WMS.". I copied
> the url in its entirety (not fully understanding these matters, I
> readily confess), omitting the quotation marks, and pasted it as a new
> entry into JOSM's WMS Plugin Preferences.

What URL was it that he told you to use? The URL for the WMS should be:


It's all documented on the wiki at:



Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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