[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey response

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 12:28:06 GMT 2010

Richard Fairhurst wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > As threatened I've finished a response to the Ordnance Survey 
 >    http://www.systemeD.net/documents/os_consultation.pdf
 > For those without the appetite to read five pages of PDF, the summary is:
 > - Good news generally
 > - Releasing 1:25k and 1:50k rasters is not necessary and may be harmful
 > - Access to aerial imagery should be provided, with no restrictions 
on tracing
 > - Licence should take account of EU database rights
 > I'd encourage everyone here, whether or not you agree with this, to
 > send your own response to the consultation. You can bet that there
 > will be well-funded people lobbying for the other side. Volunteer
 > projects like OSM have traditionally not been great at having their
 > voices heard in the corridors of power; let's make sure this one
 > doesn't get away.
 > The original consultation is at

 > .
 > cheers
 > Richard

As usual, Richard, a very enlightening set of points made in response.

I must, at some point, get around to reading the consultation documents 
and forming my own response.


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