[Talk-GB] Place names for housing estates

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Jan 14 16:32:56 GMT 2010

Tom asked:

> What do others think, and do?

I've used both place=locality and
landuse=residential/name=<whatever> in Wolverhampton recently. The
advantage of drawing out the landuse area and using the name tag is
that the name doesn't render until you've zoomed in close enough for
the label to fit within that area (zooming in on one of your
examples, see the Guinness Trust Estate here, though I don't think
you need area=yes on a landuse area):
If necessary the label will also wrap to multiple lines to fit
within the area which isn't the case with the place=locality nodes.

The current rendering works quite well in my opinion for
In the above example, Fordhouses, Oxley, Pendeford, The Dovecotes
and Rakegate Estate have been done using landuse=residential areas
and Aldersley and Claregate have been done using place=locality


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