[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey response

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Jan 18 18:20:42 GMT 2010

On Jan 18, 2010, at 11:08 AM, Andy Allan wrote:
> This isn't me saying that I disapprove of a commercial company giving
> away a whole load of raster maps for free, I'm saying I don't think
> the government should be funding it.

Okay so you feel rasters are a special case, different to vectors.

But given the choice between

a) giving away the rasters and OS losing 9 million quid a year, or

b) selling them as they do now

surely (a) is better because it frees up the maps, provides a better platform for innovation and weakens the OS? And I say weaken, because a weaker OS is far and away more likely to be more clueful about licensing and so on than it is now. And if it isn't, then a weaker OS is far better for the british geodata industry in that it will allow more competition.

I think the point we're disagreeing on is that you would see that 9 million quid as filled in by central government raising their funding, whereas I'd expect the budget to remain static (I can't see central government upping OS at the expense of hospitals and schools right now) and OS to have to cut other activities or start other for-profit activities to compensate.

Yours &c.


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