[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey response

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Jan 18 18:24:27 GMT 2010

On Jan 18, 2010, at 11:19 AM, Tom Chance wrote:

> Wading in (though for the purposes of a putative OSMF response, we can just leave this whole argument to one side and focus on the data)...
> 2010/1/18 Andy Allan <gravitystorm at gmail.com>
> I didn't say I wanted a monopoly. I'd rather either
> a) the government (i.e. the OS now, and doubly so if they stop trying
> to cover costs and just take subsidies instead) didn't produce printed
> maps at all
> b) or if the OS is going to produce finished maps, they spin out the
> cartographers and printing presses into a commercial organisation and
> let it sink or swim without government subsidy in competition with the
> like of, well, everyone else.
> I think approach (b) is about right, although there are a lot of public bodies using the raster maps too. Presumably we'd then have to suggest that they just pick any product on the open market for their own use, and perhaps that in certain circumstances where uniformity across local authorities is important there would be a centrally procured contract with a particular company or a standard "stylesheet".
> I find it a bit odd to attack somebody as a socialist whilst advocating a free-of-charge state-run enterprise!

No no, I'm picking the least worst solution. If we have to have an OS, then we should make it as open and free as possible and allow competition on top.

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