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2010/1/18 SteveC <steve at asklater.com>

> But given the choice between
> a) giving away the rasters and OS losing 9 million quid a year, or
> b) selling them as they do now
> surely (a) is better because it frees up the maps, provides a better
> platform for innovation and weakens the OS?

Of course, there's also option c) which is that the OS gives away the
rasters, but continues to sell the maps, and competes with other companies
on factors such as price, quality of the printing, marketing, brand loyalty,
and perhaps other value-add things we haven't thought of yet. Sales might
drop, sure, and so it might still lose some of that 9 million anyway, but at
least we'd retain the universal coverage (in paper form), and the OS might
still get some revenue to help subsidise their mapping activity.

This is the "compete on form, not on content" option, and I admit that it'd
be a complete experiment and might not work at all (worst case scenario is
that sales of the OS-branded paper maps, faced with competition, drop so low
that they stop covering costs).

It's be interesting though... :-)


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