[Talk-GB] Ordnance Survey response

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Mon Jan 18 19:40:22 GMT 2010

Andy Allan wrote:
> I take your point on the "least worst" thing, but Page 11 of the
> consultation shows, for both Option 2 and Option 3 (Option 1 being
> "as-is") that the funding would increase to compensate.
> "Significant funding from government would be required."
> "Government would provide funding for the maintenance and delivery of
> these datasets."
> "This option would require substantial changes to the existing sources
> of revenue, at the heart of which is a shift towards government paying
> more."
I interpreted this as scare mongering on behalf of he OS, & open to 

They're making the assumption that the first port of call for any 
"extra" revenue/support would automatically be the Government.
This is not necessarily the truth.

"Significant funding from government would be required."
As they've already been payed the funding. I see this data release, in 
what ever form it happens, as a form of debt repayment to the people.

On page 9, first bullet point, the government initiative is headed "Make 
Public Data Public". I don't see why the OS can expect to make a 
commercial enterprise out of something hey don't own. The profit it's 
now making should effectively be on our behalf.

There is an example of free commercial data - OoC Books. The Wordsworth Classic series prints & sells them for a couple of quid, yet there is still a market for them still being sold for in Waterstones for 3/4 times that amount.

The OS needs to get into the full free market economy without saying it is, but still hiding behind the cloak of a monopoly

Dave F.

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