[Talk-GB] OS 1:25k update

Nicholas Barnes nick at thebarnesfamily.eu
Wed Jan 20 23:19:46 GMT 2010


> If you want os1 tiles then you need to say source=os1 not add a spurious 
> layers parameter.

And how was I meant to know that I wanted to use os1 tiles?

As for the spurious parameter, I was copying what Andy had pasted. 
Sorry, but I assumed that this was required. More fool me.

> The url to use is documented clearly in the wiki.

If you know where to look or what to search for, I'm sure you're right. 
Please be aware that not everybody has your understanding of the subject.

I am coming at this from the point of view of somebody who's done a 
little work uploading traces and adding a few ways. All I wanted to do 
was help the project a little more. I was (and still am) more than happy 
to profess my ignorance in matters technical; I did what I thought was 
logical given the information I had and I asked for help in (what I 
thought) was a reasonable way.

It would appear that you expect me to be psychic. Perhaps I should be 
flattered that your expectations should be so high, but instead I'm a 
little upset.


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