[Talk-GB] OS 1:25K tracing

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Power lines is a good example. We have some that were added for Birmingham
from the 1:25k which are no longer present. Its easy to fix but a task we
needn't have to do if folks traced what they know is present still on the



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>Since the out of copyright 1:25K maps appeared, there has been rather a
>lot of tracing going on.  On the whole, I think the availability of this
>data is good.  However, I have noticed that around the Gower peninsula,
>quite a few nonexistent roads, etc. have appeared and have been attributed
>to these maps.
>I'd like to take the opportunity to point out that blindly tracing fairly
>old maps without doing any kind of a survey is pretty counterproductive -
>someone now has to go around and survey and delete these bogus features.
>By all means, trace the maps to add stuff you know is there, but please
>don't just trace everything without some local knowledge.
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