[Talk-GB] OS DG Vanessa Lawrence on the Future of mapping

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Well, don't downplay our capabilities quite so easily. If the OS wanted to
set us a challenge to map something in the same detail and to the same
accuracy they achieve I can be sue that within a short time it would be
done. That's the nature of OSM. The wider point is of course that OSM isn't
trying to outdo the OS, that's never been the intention. Our national
mapping agency is a true national asset and I'd hate to think it would loose
that status. Let them do what they do best and let us do the same. The two
can happily co-exist and potentially benefit from each other in the long
run. Haiti shows that OSM is adaptable and can meet even the wildest
expectation, and it can do it both effectively and well. This is not
something the OS is set up to do. Personally I feel we should shout out
about Haiti, not to hit at the OS, but simply to show the world how
fantastic the OSM project is. We don't really do enough "corporate" type
promotion of ourselves.



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>On Thursday 21 January 2010, Jonathan Bennett wrote:
>> On 21/01/2010 15:21, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
>> > Maybe a big map of Haiti or something?
>> Hardly a valid criticism of OS though, is it?
>> "You don't have any maps of Haiti"...
>Perhaps it would be good to downplay Haiti, as it could give her a handle
>to say 'Of course projects like that are great for situations like Haiti
>but when it comes to real mapping...' allowing her to appear 'up with the
>new trend'.
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