[Talk-GB] OS 1:25K tracing

Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Fri Jan 22 10:56:28 GMT 2010

On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, Dave F. wrote:

> I wouldn't even rely on 'solid' entities such as rivers & streams.
> I've got three in my area that have either meandered naturally, or been 
> diverted by man. One being a major civil engineering job to prevent a river 
> undermining a railway line.

I've been tracing the high and low water marks from the 1:25K maps (I 
guess these can change significantly, but its still probably a lot more 
accurate than what we have already - surveying the tidal extents is 
pretty difficult) and have found it quite interesting how much the 
position of some of the rivers have naturally changed over the years.  Not 
just changes to where they flow over a beach, but sometimes quite 
significant changes to where they flow over "solid ground" just before 
they get to the beach.


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