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John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Thu Jan 28 12:04:58 GMT 2010


Apologies for sending this to the global talk mailing list but, well, everyone's invited! Thought you'd be interested to know about a free unconference that's happening in London in March.

WhereCamp EU follows on from successful events that have run around the time of the O'Reilly Where 2.0 conference in the US. Following the "BarCamp" format the conference is free to attend (though ticketed to manage numbers) and anyone that attends can talk, in fact it's expected! No schedule is announced before the event, a whiteboard or similar is marked up with timeslots on the day and anyone can grab a slot to talk about what's on their mind. As a "Where" Camp it has a focus on all things to do with location technology. Maps, GPS, Mobile devices, anything and everything relating to "Where". With lots of OSM mappers in London and the UK it's likely there'll be a big OSM contingent.

Lots more information can be found on the site: http://wherecamp.eu/

It's happening over the weekend of the 13th March. Probably Friday & Saturday though we're having a few issues around venues. This should be sorted out by the time the next round of tickets is released.

We're also looking for sponsorship, if anyone wants to get their logo in front of a hundred or so of location tech's brightest minds then take a look at this page for more info:


People on local lists might want to translate this and forward it on if they think others might want to come along. Don't forget that there's a US WhereCamp just a few weeks after the EU event so if you can't make it over to London perhaps you'll be able to get to Mountain View - http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/4909659

Hope to see you there!

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