[Talk-GB] Looking for places to map?

Gregory nomoregrapes at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:13:09 GMT 2010

> Thinking about this probably the best way to collect this data is to
> map who has there rubbish collected on which day of the week and map
> that. Round here Recycling is collected Fortnightly and Brown waste
> the other week, and different areas are done on different days of the
> week.
> Better still we could map the rubbish collection routes and tag that
> as well. But I'm not sure I've got the time to rush around every day
> at 7am to see who has their rubbish out.

In the past is has been seriously suggested (and possibly done) that council
boundaries be mapped by looking at the name on the bins. I think I might
have even photographed one or two bins to get house numbers that I couldn't
see on the last house.

Anyway, have you all forgotten this wiki page that was previously used?
Oh, or is it because your trying to look at larger areas?

It details a scoring system. I used this to create a list of places I could
go to in a day as I start getting bored/done of Durham.
Darlington is still on the top of the UK list. It's only about £5/20min
train journey when I'm back to living in Durham (probably end of September).
Other locations on your map in the area are a bit tricky for me to get to,
but I'd probably be thinking about them anyway at some point. I'd like to
live in the North East side of Durham for enjoyable mapping trips.

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