[Talk-GB] Relations

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 2 02:15:21 GMT 2010

Peter Reed wrote:

> It may be a bit “belts and braces”, but in my view it’s also best to tag 
> the ways themselves as boundary=administrative and admin_level=x number 
> as well as tagging the relation. But that’s just because I have an 
> irrational fear of accidentally deleting a whole relation and never 
> being able to recreate it all. I suspect it’s not really necessary.

I'd rather see this practice continued, and it's also documented exactly 
this way on the wiki:


> Somebody may put me right, but I think the left-boundary and 
> right-boundary stuff was an early way of approaching this before all 
> problem of the hierarchies became apparent. I found it raised other 

It was. I've never used it, as it's impractical and limited and 
relations had been invented by the time I joined OSM.

> On the way itself, adding boundary=admin covers all the combinations. If 
> the way is part of more than one boundary at more than one level then 
> admin_level=x;y seems best practice. After that each relation can cover 
> details like names, and anything else that is unique to each relation.

boundary=administrative + admin_level=<highest order only>

Oh, and please consider the use of type=multipolygon relations for these 
  boundaries, and not the superfluous type=boundary variant.


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