[Talk-GB] Looking for places to map?

Peter Reed peter.reed at aligre.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 17:00:07 GMT 2010

At risk of taking the discussion further off-topic, the Flickr API provides
a way to find boundaries determined by how people have tagged photographs.
It's not exactly definitive, but still intriguing. The API is explained here
- http://www.flickr.com/services/api/flickr.places.getShapeHistory.html but
you can see the results more easily here -
http://boundaries.tomtaylor.co.uk/#15726  (the link shows Chatham).


I found that Yahoo "Where on earth" bounding boxes vary a lot in their
precision - some are quite tight around the place, but others are huge. In
my other attempts to find an automagic way of working out the extent of a
settlement I've been experimenting with drawing polygons around places
tagged "IS_IN" (not, I hasten to add, on the map itself - on an extract of
the database). It works some of the time (up to a point), but I need to be a
bit more clever at untangling the different forms of description that are
used for "is_in". If it is of interest to anyone else I will post some
results once I clean it up a bit.

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