[Talk-GB] Kent County Council Highways Gazetteer

Gregory Williams gregory.williams at purplegeodesoftware.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 10:43:34 GMT 2010

> A couple of questions about C-roads...
> Is there a consensus about how these should be treated? Given that they
> are not a 'public-facing' classification (never appear on road signs or
> on any map you would buy from W. H. Smith's), I'm not sure we want the
> standard renderings cluttered up with them, do we? Should we invent a
> tag such as ref:internal (say) for these?
No. That would be tagging for the renderer. Even if it's generally a
non-visible ref in the outside world (though I've seen three C-roads leak
onto signs in my travels) I believe that it's the render's choice as to
whether they should show up on the maps, not for us to say that there's
something "special" about the fact. A fact's a fact.

> Secondly, am I right in thinking that these are not unique references
> like the A- and B-roads? (Unique within the UK, that is.) In other
> words, whereas Wrotham Road near me is 'the A227', nearby Coldharbour
> Road is not 'the C364', it's just one of many C364s, albeit the only
> one
> in Kent? Should this be reflected in the tagging? I see in the States
> they use network=US:[state]:[county] to tag county roads.

I'm not sure whether they're nationally unique references, but they'll be
unique per authority and we've got pretty good bounding areas for those in
OSM now.


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