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Colin Smale wrote:
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>On 04/03/2010 11:15, Tom Hughes wrote:
>> On 04/03/10 09:51, Trevor Hook wrote:
>>> C roads are marked as yellow on OS landranger maps.
>> I don't believe that's true. IIRC the key on such maps claims that the
>> colouring is determined by the width of the road not any internal local
>> government classification of it.
>>> No idea whether c-class road references are nationally unique. It seems
>>> both plausible and implausible at the same time.
>> I don't believe they are - in fact each authority has it's own numbering
>> scheme for such roads. Some just use Cxxx, some use Cxxx and Dxxx, some
>> use Uxxx and so on.
>At the top of the KCC Gazetteer it says:
>National Convention for Road Numbering:
>`U' stands for `Unclassified'
>`P' stands for `Private Street'
>So it appears there is a national convention, implying that authorities
>are not obliged to follow it. It might exist as a formal document, but
>it might be just a de facto convention. Uxxx appears to mean explicitly
>"unclassified" whereas a Cxxx or Dxxx road is not unclassified - it's a
>C-road or a D-road.

I suspect that the existing A,B,C,D,U classifications will be dropped at
some point, at least in the way the street is formally classified. If you
look at the National Street Gazetteer specifications you find that the way
streets are classified within its database is far more complex and detailed,
so while the existing system may remain public facing for a long time to
come internally there have been a lot of changes since the NSG was set up
and these are what is now important in terms of local authority management.

For instance, it would be great if we could get hold of a streets USRN, this
is the unique reference number assigned to a street. 

Section 6 of this NSG document is useful reference (as are other docs on the
NSG website):




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