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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Fri Mar 5 14:16:53 GMT 2010

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I've just opened a bug in navit about the pronunciation of UK road
numbers when giving directions.

These are the rules I have worked out. Can anyone think of cases where
the results of these rules sound wrong?

 * Always use a long A pronounciation - i.e. rhymes with Hay, not like
in cat.
 * Zeros are usually pronounced "Oh" (although that is possibly a matter
of preference)
 * If the number is less than 100, say it in full - e.g.
  * A42 => A forty two
  * M25 => Em twenty five
 * Otherwise say it digit by digit
  * A121 => A one two one
  * A4144 => A four one four four
  * A4074 => A four oh seven four
 * but if it ends in zeros, merge those into the last number, so
  * A420 => A four twenty
  * A400 => A four hundred
  * B4000 => Bee four thousand

Prefix the number with "the". E.g. "Turn left onto the A four twenty",
not just "Turn left onto A four twenty".

Some people do pronounce some road names different to the above rules -
I've heard the A4074 called "A forty seventy four", for example - but
the above rules are probably a good starting point.

I'm not sure how A4004 and A4010 are normally pronounced:
A four oh oh four? (generated by above, doesn't sound quite right)
A four double oh four?
A four thousand and 4? (what I would say)

A four oh ten? (generated by above, doesn't sound quite right)
A four oh one oh?
A forty ten? (what I would say)

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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