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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Mon Mar 8 15:35:40 GMT 2010

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grahamjones139 at googlemail.com wrote:
>> POI, track, and photo collection would be useful additional features,
>> along with something to highlight in the directions where there is a
>> FIXME or OSMbug entry nearby on the map.
>> I think that integrating these features into Navit (perhaps as plugins),
>> rather than having a separate app would be of much greater benefit.
>> Robert (Jamie) Munro
> Robert,
> I am not sure that adding more features to another application is the
> best way to do it - To be useful something like POI and photo collection
> needs to be really simple, without having to go through a lot of menus
> to get there. Therefore I think it would be best to have one application
> that does navigation, and another one for collecting mapping information
> or tweaking the map on the go.

So I am navigating somewhere, and I notice a missing POI. I have to exit
the app, load another app, wait for the map to download, navigate
different menus to the ones I am used to, then I can make a note of the
problem. I then have to exit that app, load my navigation app and hope
that it has remembered where I was going.


I press the camera button on the phone and take a picture inisde my
navigation app. This gets marked on the map, and saved for later, and I
am presented with a menu on the screen asking me to say why I have taken
a photo, either by selecting a preset, by leaving a text note or by
leaving a voice note. Once I've pressed that, I'm straight back into
navigation. I should be able to do this with 2 clicks, e.g. when stopped
at traffic lights, or pulled over for just a moment.

Another situation:

Perhaps I see a road not on the map (preferably that looks like it might
go in roughly the direction of my destination). I turn into this road.
The navigation app notices I have gone off road, records a trace, and
gives me a direction and distance arrow to my destination. When I reach
a road that is back on the map, the app recalculates my route from that
point, and stops the trace. No clicks at all needed, so I can improve
the map without stopping. It can upload the trace to OSM, and when I get
home I can convert it into a street using JOSM in no time.  Of course,
at any point during the above, I could have pressed the camera button to
record a photo with position and add a note, e.g. to record a junction
or to record the road name with a voice note.

Another advantage: People aren't going to install a POI collecting app
unless they are heavily into OSM. They will probably install a sat-nav
app people have recommended if they ever want to go anywhere. They might
drive down roads not on the map either by mistake, by curiosity, or
because they know where they are going even if the map doesn't. Once
they learn they can fix the map, they may well become a keen mapper.

Will having apps mean that I need to copies of the map on my phone? That
seems like a waste of space. So we have to ensure that they can both
read the same data file. Don't say that it will download over the net,
because probably most of the unmapped countryside has no 3G coverage. A
lot has no coverage at all. So that will be painful if it works at all.
Particularly if 2 apps are downloading data at the same time.

No, it needs to be one app.

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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