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Richard Fairhurst wrote:
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>Someoneelse wrote:
>> Another North Midlands one that could do with checking is NCN54:
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=37545
>> OSM has the northern section of it marked as going all the way up
>> the High Peak Trail to meet the Tissington Trail and NCN68 as well
>> as turning left down Minninglow Lane towards Hulme End - I suspect
>> that the  northern High Peak Trail bit is probably wishful
>> thinking.  Also, there seems to be a gap just south of Hartington
>> (just after it crosses from Derbyshire into Staffordshire).
>> There's also an NCN54A marked on the ground and as an ncn_ref in
>> OSM, but not as a relation near the High Peak Trail west of
>> Wirksworth. Googling it suggests that the CTC seem to know about
>> that, but there's no mention on Sustrans' site.
>I've cycled large chunks of NCN 54 and can confirm that the route is
>indeed beyond insane. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was NCN 54
>that prompted Sustrans to rethink their numbering system.
>The current route as conceived is shaped like a reverse P. It begins
>with Stourport-Kidderminster-Stourbridge-Dudley, then it follows NCN
>81 and 5 for a while, then Lichfield-Burton-Etwall. At Etwall it
>starts the 'White Peak Loop', the top of the P, by heading clockwise
>to Uttoxeter, then the Manifold Trail, the High Peak Trail, back down
>via the Little Eaton tramway, Derby, and down the railway path to
>Etwall again.
>Then there's these funny 54A and 54C appendages (both of which I've
>seen on the ground, with lovely little wooden signs) and 54B (which I
>don't recall, but I think it's the northern High Peak Trail that you
>refer to). There's a PDF somewhere on the web which describes all of
>these. It was, I think, a Peak District National Park project with
>some European funding.
>It gets better.
>There's an alternative braid from near Stourport to near Kidderminster
>which is either a regional route or part of NCN 54 depending what you
>read. Kidderminster to Stourbridge is not open yet and the towpath
>isn't great. The bit through Dudley isn't open, either, but the Old
>Main Line towpath seems to have been upgraded in readiness. There then
>appears to be an intention to route it up the Wyrley & Essington
>towpath or something, rather than the 81/5 multiplex. This is near-ish
>to Andy's patch and he may know more.

Yes, there are planned changes but I'd need to check exactly what the final
plan is and the timing. I'll drop the area managers a note.

Also Route 5 currently runs to Lichfield along with the 54. The 5 will be
diverted soon to run north through Cannock Chase to leave 54 alone running
to Lichfield from the south.



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