[Talk-GB] [Talk-transit] NaPTAN - Time for the rest?

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Tom Chance wrote:
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>On 16 March 2010 17:00, Thomas Wood <grand.edgemaster at gmail.com> wrote:
>	We'd all prefer it if it'd be handled locally, but there just
>	seem to be much interest in improving the data en-mass, merely in
>	piecewise way that most people have mapped up until now.
>I may be wrong about this, but I'm not aware that a "NAPTAN clean-up" has
>been particularly promoted in the way that the TIGER cleanups were (are?).
>I recall a tool developed for the west midlands showing the state of the
>imported data, but can that be used nationwide?

Novam is that tool.


I'm not sure how far Christoph got with cleaning up the edit interface but I
know he's writing up currently so not undertaking any new work.


>The cycle map and regular chatter have seen coverage blossom. Obviously bus
>stops aren't as interesting to fellow OSM nutters as cycle routes; and the
>cycle map was an "early mover" and got onto the front page of the main web
>site. But can't we make a bit more of an effort to push this across the GB
>After cars and walking, public transport is the most used means of getting
>around ths country so I'd say it should be a fairly high priority to get
>that data right.
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