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Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Mar 16 21:53:49 GMT 2010

2010/3/16 Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net>

> Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> schrieb:
> > I recall a tool developed for the west midlands showing the state of
> > the imported data, but can that be used nationwide?
> I reckon you are refering to NOVAM (http://mappa-mercia.org/novam)? The
> tool is working nationwide. However, the data it shows has not been
> updated since February, because the update process NOVAM uses is
> currently broken. I do not have much spare time at the moment but I
> will try to fix this at some point (hopefully soon).
Lovely, thanks for the link and best of luck with finding that time :-)

> The cycle map and regular chatter have seen coverage blossom.
> > Obviously bus stops aren't as interesting to fellow OSM nutters as
> > cycle routes; and the cycle map was an "early mover" and got onto the
> > front page of the main web site. But can't we make a bit more of an
> > effort to push this across the GB community?
> I have the feeling that one of the reasons for the relatively low
> interest in bus stops is that their use is quite limited without
> additional timetable information.

I gave a talk on OSM to my local Tenants Association federation for
Southwark (a municipal area in London). They absolutely loved the public
transport map (www.öpnvkarte.de <http://www.xn--pnvkarte-m4a.de>) which has
the bus stops along with bus/train/tube/DLR/tram routes.

It's very similar to the cycle map, only most OSM mappers cycle everywhere
whilst few find the public transport particularly useful. So limited to us,
perhaps. Later this year if I get some time and I'm not elected in the local
elections I intend to spend some more time with tenants helping them to put
the data in since they find it handy.


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