[Talk-GB] Footpath numbering

Thomas Wood grand.edgemaster at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 09:03:11 GMT 2010

Bob Hawkins wrote:
> Footpaths and bridleways are numbered on definitive maps but rarely on 
> signposts or waymarks.  Often numbered on a parish or community basis 
> (HA10, for example), their use appears to be for legal puposes mainly, 
> rather than as an aid to navigation.  Having said that, my local 
> /Chiltern Society/ footpath map is annotated with the definitve 
> numbers.  So, I wonder what OSM mappers in GB feel about adding the 
> official numbers to such ways.  I suspect copyright is an issue because 
> the rights of way numbers will invariably be on maps based upon the 
> Ordnance Survey, unless anyone knows that they are available from 
> another source.

I find them very regularly numbered in my home area of South London, and 
I have also seen them explicitly numbered on some of the more frequented 
trails in a national park (I cannot remember which, probably the Peak 
District though).

Where the source is a signpost, I'd say include the number, I'd err on 
the side of caution and not source from a map, but I'd also be happy to 
source footpath numbers from the written definitive description of the 
right of way, which should be available from the council.

I have put a little effort into finding and mapping the footpaths in my 
home borough, when the council numbered the signs, I didn't quite get 
around to mapping them all though...

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