[Talk-GB] Footpath numbering

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Mar 17 15:14:24 GMT 2010

And I discovered something interesting that may be applicable countrywide.  A member of the Ramblers Association kindly made a definitive footpath map for me in the 1970s - hand-inked on the Otley and Ilkley OS 1:25000 sheets. As I recall, this was around the time the original PRoW survey was done.  Both OS sheets were the latest available at the time but published in the 1950s ... so they are now clearly out of copyright. I wonder if the same applies to the bulk of original maps that the councils around the country hold? I have never seen one.


At 11:19 AM 17/03/2010, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
>>I wouldn?t take PRoW refs from any source unless I was completely 
>confident that it?s compatible with OSM?s license. It sounds like your 
>Chiltern Society >map is an annotated OS map, therefore unsuitable.
>Is it though? (I don't know, just a rhetorical question)
>The OS did not come up with the numbers, the council did. So how can the 
>OS claim copyright over the numbering?

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