[Talk-GB] [Talk-transit] NaPTAN - Time for the rest?

Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Sun Mar 21 22:32:56 GMT 2010

Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> schrieb:

> 2010/3/16 Christoph Böhme <christoph at b3e.net>
> > Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> schrieb:
> > > I recall a tool developed for the west midlands showing the state
> > > of the imported data, but can that be used nationwide?
> >
> > I reckon you are refering to NOVAM (http://mappa-mercia.org/novam)?
> > The tool is working nationwide. However, the data it shows has not
> > been updated since February, because the update process NOVAM uses
> > is currently broken. I do not have much spare time at the moment
> > but I will try to fix this at some point (hopefully soon).
> >
> >
> Lovely, thanks for the link and best of luck with finding that
> time :-)

I found the time (or rather an easier solution to the problem): NOVAM
now uses the XAPI servers to retrieve the bus stop data. So, it should
be up-to-date again and hopefully in the future as well :-)

> > The cycle map and regular chatter have seen coverage blossom.
> > > Obviously bus stops aren't as interesting to fellow OSM nutters as
> > > cycle routes; and the cycle map was an "early mover" and got onto
> > > the front page of the main web site. But can't we make a bit more
> > > of an effort to push this across the GB community?
> >
> > I have the feeling that one of the reasons for the relatively low
> > interest in bus stops is that their use is quite limited without
> > additional timetable information.
> >
> I gave a talk on OSM to my local Tenants Association federation for
> Southwark (a municipal area in London). They absolutely loved the
> public transport map (www.öpnvkarte.de
> <http://www.xn--pnvkarte-m4a.de>) which has the bus stops along with
> bus/train/tube/DLR/tram routes.
> It's very similar to the cycle map, only most OSM mappers cycle
> everywhere whilst few find the public transport particularly useful.
> So limited to us, perhaps. Later this year if I get some time and I'm
> not elected in the local elections I intend to spend some more time
> with tenants helping them to put the data in since they find it handy.

Public transport maps are of course very useful! However, I was more
thinking in terms of developing other applications which use public
transport data. Things like public transport routing or a map which
highlights bus stops where a bus is due to arrive soon, for example.
Most applications that come to my mind would require timetable


> Best,
> Tom
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