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There was a thread on this mailing list a few days ago about the series (I
hope I will get a chance to listen to the recordings online). OSM's Steve
Chilton will be interviewed on two episodes and got the full programme for
Full list of programmes is (with key words), 3-45 to 4pm Radio 4 each day:

Mon 22nd - Map makers - OS
Tue 23rd - Mapping the metropolis - Manchester and A-Z London
Wed 24th - Motoring maps - road atlases and satnavs
Thu 25th - Social mapping - mashups and crowdsourcing
Fri 26th - The lie of the land - borders, stats, politics
Mon 29th - World View - territories, travel
Tu 30th - Off the map - military
Wed 31st - Whose map is it anyway - future of OS
Thu 1 Apr - Digital maps - OpenStreetMap and the future
Fri 2 Apr - Maps of the Mind - Archers, mental maps

Regarding the Ambridge map:
No the main OSM database should not host fictional data (especially that
which doesn't have any specific location to start from). This (fictional
mapping) has been done before (by the Germans!) to much outrage (by the
mailing list trolls!).

Someone could use OSM tools (database copy, server, render, even api, and
then perhaps a wiki page to organise working on it and publicising it) to
create and host the map though, and this good give just as much good
publicity. But it's a lot of work, and I'm not sure why you'd do that when
your have no lat/lon data coming in (only relative approximate distances),
so you wouldn't benefit from much of the lat/lon handling/features the tools
Plus cartography is much easier when you manually control it, rather than
the OSM automated renders doing their best effort. Think about text labels
for all the farm and house names, you can manually place them where you like
so they don't cover up roads or map detail.

Okay, one thing that is good is the collaboration side OSM tools allow. I
suppose this archers map could have a quick start, and then it will need the
fanatics that can refer back to (or look up) an episode 10 years ago where
it took someone N minutes to run from X to Y, and remember that 3 episodes
later the person said how fast they run. You get the picture, editing the
data and sources!
But are we expecting the people that collect the data are able to use
current OSM editors, or even understand map making? Such an OSM-sister
project might provide some insights to getting new recruits, or
experimentation with people writing descriptions and others entering it into
the DB.

Okay, I'll stop thinking out loud now.

On 22 March 2010 08:40, UrbanRambler <UrbanRambler at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> There is apparently a series of 15 minute radio programmes on
> Cartography starting today at 15:45 on Radio 4.
> The trailer mentioned attempts to create a map of Ambridge, based on the
> clues given during its long history.
> I wonder if OSM should host this 'map'? Apart from providing providing
> entertainment for the tagging-war enthusiasts, OSM could get massive
> publicity and hits from the thousands of (influential) Archer followers.
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