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Tue Mar 23 12:58:33 GMT 2010

Very Cool,
I think it would be worth going over this at the next meeting, maybe we could put up a wiki page with the roads that are missing and plan the mapping party for areas that are particularly bad.
Excellent work

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Cool I've hooked up a script to do a comparison with the street names in 
OSM and have put the results up at:


Overall on the first pass we match about 75% of the road names, although 
there are lots of 'Z' Class roads that we don't have.

I have also done a area by area comparison and have included this on the 
second tab of the spreadsheet some area's look very good and some quite 
poor. I hope to spend some time looking at an area and figuring out 
where we don't match in order to get any bugs out, but if anyone wants 
to make any comments then the spreadsheet *should* be writable.

Also let me know if there are any other fields that it would be useful 
to pull out of OSM.


On 18/03/10 23:14, Dair Grant wrote:
> Hi,
> At this week's Edinburgh meet-up we discussed the Council's public road name
> list, and how to cross-reference it with OSM to check coverage/identify
> missing roads.
> Unfortunately the council data is only available as a set of tabular PDFs,
> which is hard to do anything useful with, so I've converted them into a
> single csv file:
>    <http://bit.ly/99py7c>
> I won't have time to do anything with it for a while, but have put it up in
> case anyone else from Edinburgh wants a go (the script is on github in case
> other councils have a similar problem).
> Sorry for spamming all of -gb, as this is pretty local to Edinburgh, but
> there's no talk-scot and everyone is on talk-gb.
> Having said that, we also discussed having a mapping party in/around
> Penicuik on April 10th, so for anyone in central Scotland/visiting the area
> then I think Bob will be sticking the details for that on the Edinburgh page
> on the wiki.
> -dair
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