[Talk-GB] London Underground roundel

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Thu Mar 25 14:10:36 GMT 2010

Excellent news.

In response to David's question...

On 25 March 2010 14:01, David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com> wrote:

> The other question is where do we stop? Do we brand petrol (gas)
> stations (I quite like that)? Cafe chains like Starbucks (perhaps too
> much like advertising, but then knowing on the map that a roadside cafe
> is a Little Chef lets you actively avoid it :-))? Shops with brand=...?
> Also, some logos just don't work at all that small.
We only do it for public services, otherwise OSM gets into the business of
promoting particular companies. In your other examples the name tag and the
correct use of amenity/shop/etc should be plenty for the everyday OSM
renders (i.e. mapnik and TAH on osm.org).


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