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Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 15:04:41 GMT 2010

Im still working on my 'bulk_implopping' essay. :-)

But in the mean time, i like that idea. And can we take that a step
further and make a WMS tile server feed from this data?

All of the CanVec data from natural Resources Canada will be available
as .osm files AND its already available as a WMS layer.
So we could certainly load the data to this 'clearing house' we also
have GeoBase water data that is slightly better than canvec water, but
we do the conversion ourselves.
We have tonnes of other data from Stats Canada and geogratis that
should also be available.

I also support the idea to make .gpx files out of all the data and
host that in the 'osm-imports-house' so then from josm, people will be
able to (with a separate option) download local import data & another
for local gpx  tracks. (which is a poor mans WMS pritty map)

if the OS licence permits 'tracing' in the same way we trace images,
then a WMS layer is a perfect fit :-)


On 3/27/10, SteveC <steve at asklater.com> wrote:
> As you've probably heard the Ordnance Survey is going to open some data next
> week. We don't exactly know what data or what license it will be under but
> there's a reasonable chance it won't be importable in to OSM because either
> the data will be low scale or released with an incompatible license.
> If that's the case then I propose we start, separate from OSM, an OpenOS
> project. I basically see it as either a clearinghouse for putting up
> converted formats for the data and/or a full OSM stack, mapnik, potlatch and
> all for editing and fixing it. Because as Russ Nelson keeps saying, datasets
> without a community are dead.
> I propose that until we know it's compatible, usable and so on in OSM that
> no OSM resources are spent/used on something like this. Thus, I've bought
> the domain openos.co.uk to host it and set up a google group which you're
> welcome to join to help discuss what to do if/when we get some data.
> I think this data will need a community, tools and editing and who better to
> build all that than people from OSM?
> Thoughts?
> http://groups.google.com/group/open-os
> http://openos.co.uk
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