[Talk-GB] NaPTAN station codes

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Sun Oct 24 21:12:12 BST 2010

 <osm at ...> writes:

>We're importing the location of bus stops from NaPTAN, can we also load the 
>NaPTAN codes for railway stations?

>I'd like to add the NaPTAN code to every station, using the same tag as bus
>stops, 'naptan:AtcoCode'. For example Nailsea and Backwell would be tagged
>like this:
>naptan:AtcoCode: 9100NAILSEA

National Rail seems to use a three-letter code for stations - does that have any
relationship to this NaPTAN code?  For example
<http://traintimes.org.uk/london/edinburgh/> shows that Edinburgh is EDB, Euston
is EUS and so on.

>From a technical point of view, I think importing this data should be
unproblematic.  Unlike the bus stop import, it won't create lots of extra objects
on the map, and also unlike the bus stops, the data won't need manual
checking after the upload.  (It's just loading a new tag for stations that have
already been added to the map from other sources.)  The only difficulty would be
stations that exist as two or more objects - some manual intervention might be
needed to choose the right one(s).

Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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