[Talk-GB] Volunteers wanted to lead mapping party with MapAction, Swindon, Nov 20/21

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Thu Oct 28 11:09:46 BST 2010

Hi Tim,

I could be potentially interested in this, as long as the following are satisfied:

1. Will there be GPS units provided?
2. Can I get there by public transport /  be picked up from Swindon station?
3. Presumably I don't need any specialist knowledge, i.e the only knowledge needed is standard mapping / editing knowledge, use of JOSM, etc? or do I need to be au-fait with how the Haiti mapping was done?
4. Are there laptops provided? Do I need to bring my own? This may be a problem with connecting a GPS unit to my own laptop as it doesn't have a serial port, so would need to be USB-based GPSs.

If all four points are OK then I'd be happy to do this.


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Subject: [Talk-GB] Volunteers wanted to lead mapping party with MapAction,	Swindon, Nov 20/21

Sent on behalf of the HOT and Mikel, we're looking for 2 people to go - this should be a great day, and useful for both us and them :)  
Are you interested to lead an OSM mapping party with MapAction on November 20/21, at their weekend training near Swindon?

MapAction is UK NGO that deploys GIS specialists in the crucial first days after a disaster strikes. They were probably the first mapping crew on the ground following the Haiti earthquake, and used OSM in their map production, as well as communicating their needs back to us. They also helped arrange the first Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team deploy to Haiti in March. We've been discussing how we can prepare better together for future disasters, including setting up activation protocols within HOT, integrating technical systems, and building up capacity within MapAction to contribute and use OSM directly.

The training itself would basically be a mapping party, but with some incorporation of materials developed by HOT in the Haiti trainings all this year. The training exercise will be focused on mapping strategy in the field. Teams will be given; a scenario, some data and various map request. They will then have to decide what the mapping priorities should be for the optimum humanitarian outcome. 

This training is the first step. They're a great crew, and I'm sure it would be a good time! It could just be Saturday, or you'd be welcome to camp over til Sunday.

If you're interested, email me directly at mikel_maron at yahoo.com.
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