[Talk-GB] Visualising speed limits

thomas van der veen th.vanderveen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 21:22:47 BST 2010


I recently started mapping in South Hampshire and enjoying it, great fun. I
started adding some maxspeed tags to some roads as sometime the type
(primary, secondary, tertiary) doesn't always match the actual speed limit
of the road in question I noticed. Or sometime the speed limit changes for
certain stretches of road. To make this a bit easier I thought that having a
map (no pun intended ;) where I can see based on the colour of the road what
speed limit has been set in the database (either implicit or explicit) .
That way I can could easily tell where it is incorrect and fix it.

Has someone actually done something like this already? Or does someone would
like to join me and making a custom version of a map renderer that can do
this? should be relative simple, just looking for a couple of tags and
assign a colour accordingly. I have started looking at the Perl SVG
converter (couldn't get any of the XSLT converter produce proper SVG), but
it is a big beast.

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