[Talk-GB] Provisional footpaths mapping party - Midhurst area, West Sussex

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 16:56:31 BST 2010

Hello everyone,

Further to a previous email about this I'm proposing to hold a footpaths mapping party in the Midhurst area of West Sussex  on the weekend of October 9/10 - probably the Saturday only at this stage. The idea will be to meet in Midhurst town, and will help fill in some gaps in an area of generally good coverage, as well as introduce the subtleties of footpath mapping for those unfamiliar and maybe even provide some photos for OpenTrailView [1]. Also I hope to have an improved Freemap [2] up and running - at least to some extent - by then.

*However* this party will only go ahead if there is sufficient interest (at least 3 or so people confirming they can make it) as it's a bit tricky for me to get to, and I wouldn't want to commit a day at a fairly busy time for me if no-one can make it. So please email me on nick_whitelegg at yahoo.co.uk, or this address, if you would like to come.


[1] http://www.free-map.org.uk/otv/
[2] http://www.free-map.org.uk/

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