[Talk-GB] UK Bike Shop dataset obtained: please merge in locations in your area

Martin Lucas-Smith - CycleStreets list-osm-talk-gb at cyclestreets.net
Tue Sep 14 17:56:16 BST 2010

We've brokered a dataset of all 2,500-ish bike shops in the UK from the 
Association of Cycle Traders (many thanks to them!), for the purposes of 
merging this dataset into the OpenStreetMap database. It has postcode-level 
accuracy only but that's a massive head-start.

Read more at:

Andy Allan and Shaun McDonald have created a webapp for the specific 
purpose of merging (manually) this data into OSM.


Effectively it has a map of locations not yet reconciled, i.e. a checklist. 
Click on each location, and you'll then have a direct link to the relevant 
bit of OSM where the shop can be added/updated/removed using personal 
knowledge. Once that's done, it can be ticked off back in the webapp.

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