[Talk-GB] UK Bike Shop dataset obtained: please merge in locations in your area

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Sep 14 21:56:54 BST 2010

> It has
> postcode-level
> accuracy only but that's a massive head-start.

I wish I'd realised that before heading off earlier. I mapped the
section of the street where the dot appeared, but checking the
business address when I got back I hadn't mapped far enough down the
street. I still suspect it is someone working from the garage, as I
stopped where the speed limit dropped from 30 to 20 and there were
no signs of any shops. Ah - just seen Richard's email, so suspect
this company may be similar (although it has the address on the
website, invites you to call in, etc. I'll just have to go back and
find out).

> Effectively it has a map of locations not yet reconciled, i.e.
> a checklist.
> Click on each location, and you'll then have a direct link to
> the relevant
> bit of OSM where the shop can be added/updated/removed using
> personal
> knowledge. Once that's done, it can be ticked off back in the
> webapp.

I did however tick off the other shop I went to map. So that's one
more done...


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