[Talk-GB] Datastore musical allotments

Ed Avis eda at waniasset.com
Wed Sep 15 09:22:57 BST 2010

Robert Scott <lists at ...> writes:

>>I'd also like to ask about the two postcode fields.  What do 'supplied
>>postcode' and 'nearest postcode' mean?

>The data is shown directly as supplied by the source. You'd have to ask them.

OK.  I went to see which of the two is used in the journey planner links on the
GLA's site, and the answer is... neither!  (E.g. Abbots Way, supplied=BR3 3,
nearest=CR0 7TX, journey planner uses BR3 3SF.)

>Once you're removing things from parentheses, I think it's going a bit too far
>into the territory of trying to paper up a broken dataset.

Perhaps you're right.  I'm not suggesting that you change the data before the
user sees it, only that the test for whether to display a blue dot or a green
dot should ignore the parenthesized stuff.

>I'm really not sure about the not:name protocol - the more I see it the more I
>think it's not the right thing to do.

An alternative would be to maintain a cleaned-up data set, perhaps as a table
on the OSM wiki, where errors can be noted.  Then we can report them to
the London datastore people as a big batch.  The musical allotments page could
even fetch the wiki page and turn the HTML table back into CSV data for use.

Ed Avis <eda at waniasset.com>

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